API Showcase News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API showcase conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
NEST 1.4 released (2015-01-28) www.elastic.co
This week in Elasticsearch (2015-01-28) www.elastic.co
Announcing the Common Crawl Index! (2015-04-08) blog.commoncrawl.org
Google now lets you export your search history (2015-04-20) venturebeat.com
Google Enables JSON Search History Downloads (2015-04-22) www.programmableweb.com
Full-Text Search is now available for preview in Azure SQL Database (2015-04-30) azure.microsoft.com
Introduction to Elasticsearch scripting (2015-05-01) blog.qbox.io
Webhose.io API Adds Viral Post Search Capabilities (2015-05-04) www.programmableweb.com
Peruse is a new natural-language search tool for your Dropbox and Box files (2015-05-05) venturebeat.com
We Tested How Googlebot Crawls Javascript And Heres What We Learned (2015-05-07) searchengineland.com
Sensay Replaces the Search Engine with Human Conversation Using Twilio SMS (2015-05-08) www.twilio.com
Venom and Your Qbox Elasticsearch Instances (2015-05-14) blog.qbox.io
Big data search startup Maana launches with $14.2M (2015-05-20) hasquotes.wordpress.com
Elasticsearch ? A High-Performance Full-Text Search Engine (2015-05-20) qbox.io
Twitter is back in Google?s search results (2015-05-21) royal.pingdom.com
Algolia Strengthens API Market Position With UX Search (2015-05-21) www.programmableweb.com
Google Search Console now shows you how well your in-app content is performing (2015-05-22) thenextweb.com
Webhose.io API Now Features Similarity Search (2015-05-22) www.programmableweb.com
configuring similarity algorithms elasticsearch (2015-05-25) stackoverflow.com
Tools for Monitoring Elasticsearch Performance (2015-05-26) qbox.io
Google Search starts indexing iOS apps (2015-05-27) venturebeat.com
Indexing Common Crawl Metadata on Amazon EMR Using Cascading and Elasticsearch (2015-05-28) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Illuminating the jargon of criminal justice data with Elasticsearch (2015-06-01) sunlightfoundation.com
Full Text Search and Analytics for Websites and Multiple Data Sources (2015-06-02) www.searchblox.com
Apple?s new search API means war for Google (2015-06-08) thenextweb.com
Apple Deep Links Siri Into Apps To Improve Search (2015-06-08) www.mediapost.com
Apple Search API Heats Up Google Deep Linking Battle (2015-06-09) www.programmableweb.com
The Rise of DuckDuckGo (2015-06-19) www.fastcompany.com
Elasticsearch and elasticity: building a search for government documents (2015-06-22) blog.scraperwiki.com
Inside Azure Search: Chaos Engineering (2015-07-01) azure.microsoft.com
New Bing API Adds Context-Aware Search to Mobile Apps (2015-08-20) www.eweek.com
First Do No Harm: Four Things You Should Never do with Elasticsearch (2015-08-20) blog.qbox.io
Introducing OpenCorporates Advanced Search ? more powerful than ever before (2015-08-26) blog.opencorporates.com
Search startup Qbox raises $2.4M as it develops ?Project Gossamer? (2015-08-28) venturebeat.com
Google CSV Download Scripts Replaced by Search Analytics API (2015-09-02) www.programmableweb.com
E-commerce search with instantsearch.js by Algolia (2015-11-25) community.algolia.com
SQuery: Semantic Database Search (2015-12-08) blog.alchemyapi.com
Tools we use: Curator for Elasticsearch (2015-12-16) blog.postmarkapp.com
Article: Exposing the Lucene Library as a Microservice with Baratine (2016-01-05) www.infoq.com
New privacy-focused search engine promises to never sell or store your data (2016-01-06) thenextweb.com
instantsearch.js (2016-01-07) community.algolia.com
Google Announces Retirement of Several Search APIs (2016-01-18) www.programmableweb.com
Using Filebeat to Send ElasticSearch Logs to Logsene (2016-01-25) dzone.com
Building a better iStyles shopping experience with Algolia search (2016-01-26) blog.algolia.com
Introduction to Elasticsearch Scripting (2016-02-01) okt.to
Running High Performance and Fault Tolerant Elasticsearch Clusters on Docker (2016-02-04) dzone.com
Were Thrilled to Announce... Moz Local Insights Released from Beta! (2016-02-09) moz.com
Tools we use: Curator for Elasticsearch (2016-02-09) postmarkapp.com
Solr vs Elasticsearch: Battle of The Query DSLs (2016-02-09) dzone.com
Scaling Elasticsearch: Sharding and Availability for Millions of Documents (2016-02-10) dzone.com
A Laymans Visual Guide To Googles Knowledge Graph Search API (2016-02-12) searchengineland.com
Geo-Search on steroid! | Milliseconds Matter (2016-02-25) blog.algolia.com
MongoDB Collection simplifies your search and visualization (2016-03-01) www.searchblox.com
Apache Solr High Speed Data Integration Plugin (2016-03-07) www.talend.com
Retirement of certain Google search APIs (2016-03-09) developers.googleblog.com
ElasticBox introduces ElasticKube to help manage Kubernetes within the enterprise (2016-03-11) blog.kubernetes.io
Estimating Costs of Storing Documents in Elasticsearch (2016-03-16) dzone.com
Microsoft Launches Dev Preview for New Bing Search APIs (2016-03-17) www.programmableweb.com
Moz Local Industry Report: Whos Winning Wireless Searches? (2016-03-22) moz.com
Bing Webmaster API (2016-03-22) msdn.microsoft.com
Reindexing Data With Elasticsearch (2016-04-02) dzone.com
Planning and Creating Azure Search Indexes (2016-04-08) dzone.com
Crawling a website with the SearchBlox API (2016-04-12) www.searchblox.com
Amazon Kinesis Update ? Amazon Elasticsearch Service Integration, Shard-Level Metrics, Time-Based Iterators (2016-04-19) aws.amazon.com
Solr 6, SolrCloud and SQL Queries (2016-04-27) dzone.com
How to Control Access to Your Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain (2016-05-03) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Announcing Keyword Explorer: Mozs New Keyword Research Tool (2016-05-03) moz.com
Google Search Appliance Connectors integrated with SearchBlox (2016-05-03) www.searchblox.com
Introducing Omnisearch (2016-05-05) blog.twitter.com
Reducing precision in custom ranking values (2016-05-06) blog.algolia.com
Introducing Improved User Search Functionality in the IAM Console (2016-05-10) blogs.aws.amazon.com
An Exploration of Podcasting SEO in 2016 (2016-05-10) moz.com
Moz Local: Fixing the Accuracy Pain Point (2016-05-11) moz.com
Search your knowledge base quickly and easily with Algolia for Zendesk (2016-05-16) blog.algolia.com
An Introduction to Elasticsearch (2016-05-18) dzone.com
Inside the Algolia engine part 3?query processing (2016-05-25) blog.algolia.com
Search Technology: Behind the Scenes (2016-05-25) blog.octopart.com
Sourcegraph for GitHub ? Browse and search GitHub like an IDE (2016-06-03) chrome.google.com
Amazon Search Outage Offers Two Lessons (2016-06-06) dzone.com
Elastic Query in Azure SQL Database and Views (2016-06-07) dzone.com
How Algolia Increased TradePub.com?s Search Conversions by 70% (2016-06-13) blog.algolia.com
Introducing Algolia Places (2016-06-15) blog.algolia.com
Algolia Places ? Intelligent address autocomplete for any <input> (2016-06-15) community.algolia.com
Apache Solr vs Elasticsearch: The Feature Smackdown (2016-06-21) techutils.in
Google vs. Microsoft Bing Search APIs: A Detailed Comparison (2016-06-22) www.programmableweb.com
Developers Choices Are Few When it Comes to Web Search APIs (2016-06-22) www.programmableweb.com
IP and User Agent Lookup API Search Tool (Search) (2016-06-23) codecanyon.net
Running Elasticsearch on AWS (2016-06-24) dzone.com
Uncoiling the Data in DNA With Elasticsearch (2016-06-24) dzone.com
Using Google Tag Manager to Dynamically Generate Schema/JSON-LD Tags (2016-07-01) moz.com
Google Site Search vs. SearchBlox Cloud Search (2016-07-01) www.searchblox.com
New Bing APIs now available for purchase (2016-07-01) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Business Data Spider (2016-07-02) codecanyon.net
Couchbase PHP SDK 2.2.0 ? Example With Full Text Search (2016-07-11) dzone.com
Getting started with Elasticsearch and Node.js - Part 3 (2016-07-13) www.compose.com
RethinkDB Joinery (2016-07-21) www.compose.com
Local Google Results Scraper (2016-07-26) codecanyon.net
How to search in Slack (2016-08-04) medium.com
How To Implement Product Search by URL (2016-08-04) www.indix.com
Behind the Scenes: Algolia Places (2016-08-05) blog.algolia.com
July 2016 Crawl Archive Now Available (2016-08-09) commoncrawl.org
Scaling Elasticsearch (2016-08-28) dzone.com
Real-Time Search (2016-08-29) blog.itrp.com
Solr Enterprise Search: Lucene and Solr 6.2 (2016-09-01) dzone.com
Composes Data Browser comes to Elasticsearch (2016-09-13) www.compose.com
Data Sets Containing Robots.txt Files and Non-200 Responses (2016-09-16) commoncrawl.org
August 2016 Crawl Archive Now Available (2016-09-16) commoncrawl.org
Google Is Grouping Keyword Volumes - What Does This Mean for SEO? (2016-09-19) moz.com
How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console (2016-09-21) moz.com
Searching YouTube videos from SearchBlox (2016-09-26) www.searchblox.com
Getting Started With ElasticSearch (2016-10-03) www.c-sharpcorner.com
SEO Trek: The Search for Google RankBrain* [New Data] (2016-10-04) moz.com
September 2016 Crawl Archive Now Available (2016-10-07) commoncrawl.org
Powerful and feature-rich Search APIs for Android apps (2016-10-11) community.havenondemand.com
Secure Apache Solr Collections and Access Them Programmatically (2016-10-14) dzone.com
Access Solr data from SearchBlox using Database Collection (2016-10-17) www.searchblox.com
How to Use Search Analytics in Google Sheets for Better SEO Insights (2016-10-17) moz.com
B2B Search That Doesn?t Suck: Integrating Algolia Into Your eCommerce Application (2016-10-18) medium.com
Searching CamelCased parameters in API documentation: how we handled it (2016-10-21) blog.algolia.com
Bringing Algolia?s search-as-you-type experience to Shopify stores (2016-11-01) blog.algolia.com
Comparing searches at the DNC and RNC (2016-11-03) engineeringblog.yelp.com
Bulk Indexing With ElasticSearch (2016-12-27) dzone.com
Using Apache POI to Convert Excel to an Elasticsearch Compatible JSON (2016-12-29) dzone.com
An Overview of Query Language Types (2017-01-04) dzone.com
Pingup Extends Reach With New Bing Integration (2017-01-04) streetfightmag.com
Streamlining a search experience with ASP.NET Core and Azure Search (2017-01-05) auth0.com
Announcing the Logz.io Search API (2017-01-11) dzone.com
Improving Visibility in Security Operations with Search-Driven Lookups (2017-01-11) blogs.splunk.com
Searching and Indexing With Apache Lucene (2017-01-17) dzone.com
Personalized Search at the Speed of Algolia (2017-02-01) blog.algolia.com
Omnisearch Index Formats (2017-02-02) blog.twitter.com
Search Relevance Infrastructure at Twitter (2017-02-02) blog.twitter.com
With Algolia Offline, Take your Search Bar Everywhere. (2017-02-06) blog.algolia.com
Pinterest adds visual search for elements in images and through your camera (2017-02-08) techcrunch.com
ElasticSearch Ransomware Attacks Highlight Need for Better Security (2017-02-14) dzone.com
How to Ship Kibana Server Logs to Elasticsearch (2017-02-16) dzone.com
How to Uncover Hidden Keyword-Level Data Using Google Sheets (2017-02-16) moz.com
Exposing ElasticSearch Index Using Scala Akka HTTP (2017-02-16) dzone.com
Proximity to Searcher is the New #1 Local Search Ranking Factor (2017-02-22) moz.com
Instagram Algorithm: What You Need to Know to Boost Organic Reach (2017-02-27) blog.hootsuite.com
White nationalists seem to have manipulated Google search results for ‘Boasian anthropology’ (2017-02-27) www.theverge.com
Picking up where Google Site Search left off (2017-03-02) blog.algolia.com
Quandl Launches New Search and Browse (2017-03-06) blog.quandl.com
Monthly media round-up with AYLIEN News API: February 2017 (2017-03-07) blog.aylien.com
The Moz 2016 Annual Report (2017-03-07) moz.com
A search inside a search: how we brought Inception to Algolia (2017-03-13) blog.algolia.com
Rankings Correlation Study: Domain Authority vs. Branded Search Volume (2017-03-13) moz.com
News API feature updates: NOT Queries and Canonical URL Extraction (2017-03-14) blog.aylien.com
Migrating from Google Site Search to SearchBlox Cloud: In 3 simple steps (2017-03-16) www.searchblox.com
Google Algorithmic Penalties Still Happen, Post-Penguin 4.0 (2017-03-16) moz.com
Google-hosted Custom Search Engines now use the Element (2017-03-17) customsearch.googleblog.com
Image results now available from the Custom Search API (2017-03-17) customsearch.googleblog.com
Submit Pagemaps directly to Custom Search (2017-03-17) customsearch.googleblog.com
AMP your content - A Preview of AMPed results in Search (2017-03-18) webmasters.googleblog.com
How can Google Search Console help you AMPlify your site? (2017-03-18) webmasters.googleblog.com
Promote your local businesses reviews with schema.org markup (2017-03-18) webmasters.googleblog.com
Helpful Tips for Doing Search in a Low-Volume Niche (2017-03-20) moz.com
AWS will let everyone use Amazon Go’s real-time video search tool (2017-04-03) marketingnewsweb.wordpress.com
March 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-04-04) commoncrawl.org
Using IBM Watson Discovery to Query Unstructured Data (2017-04-06) dzone.com
XML Sitemaps: The Most Misunderstood Tool in the SEOs Toolbox (2017-04-11) moz.com
Know SQL? Get search results from Elasticsearch (2017-04-19) www.searchblox.com
Build a Plugin and Add a Listener to an Index in ElasticSearch 5 (2017-04-23) dzone.com
April 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-05-08) commoncrawl.org
Introducing the Bing Search APIs v7 Preview – Faster, smarter, easier (2017-05-10) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Introduction to the Amazon Elasticsearch Service (2017-05-10) avxhm.se
4 ways to improve SEO with schema and structured data (2017-06-02) thenextweb.com
Grouping API Searches by Similarity (2017-06-02) medium.com
May 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-06-05) commoncrawl.org
Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 6.0.0 (2017-06-06) www.elastic.co
Dimensions of the Ballerina in the Age of Technology (2017-06-06) www.elastic.co
New Site Crawl: Rebuilt to Find More Issues on More Pages, Faster Than Ever! (2017-06-07) moz.com
How We Optimized Our Web Crawling Pipeline for Faster and Efficient Data Extraction (2017-06-07) www.promptcloud.com
Exploring the API for Elastic Cloud Enterprise (2017-06-07) www.elastic.co
How to Properly Monitor Elasticsearch (2017-06-12) thenewstack.io
Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for June 12, 2017 (2017-06-13) www.elastic.co
rsp — realtime search platform (2017-06-14) medium.com
JavaScript & SEO: Making Your Bot Experience As Good As Your User Experience (2017-06-19) moz.com
Local businesses can now feature content directly in Google search results (2017-06-23) www.theverge.com
Google fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU for manipulating search results (2017-06-27) www.theverge.com
Moving Yelp's Core Business Search to Elasticsearch (2017-06-28) engineeringblog.yelp.com
Facebook Messenger wants to become the new Yellow Pages (FB) (2017-06-30) www.businessinsider.com
July 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-07-01) commoncrawl.org
June 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-07-03) commoncrawl.org
The Future of Data: Big, Fast, Ubiquitous (2017-07-05) www.elastic.co
Introducing the Elastic Stack Monitoring Service (2017-07-06) www.elastic.co
Elasticsearch 5.5.0 released (2017-07-06) www.elastic.co
Using Elasticsearch and Machine Learning for IT Operations (2017-07-11) www.elastic.co
A Practical Introduction to Elasticsearch (2017-07-12) www.elastic.co
How AerData improved OCR search capability using Elasticsearch (2017-07-12) www.elastic.co
Alerting on Machine Learning Jobs in Elasticsearch v5.5 (2017-07-17) www.elastic.co
Google adds a ‘follow’ button to search results (2017-07-19) thenextweb.com
Finding the right media assets with a powerful new search API (2017-07-19) cloudinary.com
It Depends... (2017-07-20) www.elastic.co
Explaining the Bucket Span in Machine Learning for Elasticsearch (2017-07-27) www.elastic.co
Federated Search for Salesforce ISVs (2017-08-01) 30.33371
Pinterest wants you to think of it as a visual search engine (2017-08-01) www.engadget.com
Small, Medium, or Large (2017-08-07) www.elastic.co
​Building a Better Search Experience in Kibana (2017-08-09) www.elastic.co
Brewing in Beats: PostgreSQL module in Metricbeat (2017-08-10) www.elastic.co
Sequence IDs: Coming Soon to an Elasticsearch Cluster Near You (2017-08-10) www.elastic.co
Analyzing Network Packets with Wireshark, Elasticsearch, and Kibana (2017-08-16) www.elastic.co
Default Security for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack (2017-08-16) www.elastic.co
Beta Release of Elastic Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), More Options to Host Elasticsearch (2017-08-17) www.elastic.co
Introducing Index Sorting in Elasticsearch 6.0 (2017-08-21) www.elastic.co
A Full Stack in One Command (2017-09-05) www.elastic.co
The Beginner's Guide to Structured Data for SEO: A Two (2017-09-05) moz.com
SEO (2017-09-06) cloudinary.com
SEO (2017-09-06) cloudinary.com
Algolia Review — A Hosted Search API Reviewed (2017-09-11) medium.com
Creating a threshold alert in Elasticsearch is simpler than ever. (2017-09-13) www.elastic.co
PSD2: Modern Banking API Architectures with the Elastic Stack (2017-09-14) www.elastic.co
Changes to USGS website highlight the importance of search for public access (2017-09-22) sunlightfoundation.com
Making your search not suck with Elasticsearch — Part 7: Machines that learn (2017-09-24) medium.com
Querying IBM Watson Discovery with Salesforce Federated Search (2017-09-26) developer.salesforce.com
TLS for the Elastic Stack: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash (2017-09-27) www.elastic.co
September 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-09-29) commoncrawl.org
Elasticsearch new High (2017-09-30) medium.com
Google cooperating with Russia probe after Twitter slammed (2017-09-30) hosted.ap.org
RIP: The Semantic Web (2017-10-02) blog.diffbot.com
How to Add Google Image Search API to Your File Uploader (2017-10-09) blog.filestack.com
Rebuilding full text search in Go for our server (2017-10-10) medium.com
Using ElasticSearch with Apache Spark (2017-10-11) www.bmc.com
Using Apache Pig and Hadoop with ElasticSearch with The Elasticsearch (2017-10-11) www.bmc.com
Lexer's upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.4.1 improved search speeds by 30 (2017-10-11) www.elastic.co
Does Googlebot Support HTTP/2? Challenging Google's Indexing Claims – An Experiment (2017-10-15) moz.com
Google Shares Details About the Technology Behind Googlebot (2017-10-15) moz.com
Getting Started with the Elastic Stack on Microsoft Azure (2017-10-19) www.elastic.co
Using Apache Hive with ElasticSearch (2017-10-24) www.bmc.com
Adthena brings its AI (2017-10-25) techcrunch.com
October 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-10-29) commoncrawl.org
Deploying Elasticsearch on Microsoft Azure (2017-11-07) www.elastic.co
Datafiniti Completes The Last Phase of Elasticsearch Migration with Overhaul of Property API (2017-11-09) medium.com
Elastic acquires search startup Swiftype (2017-11-09) techcrunch.com
Changing the name of an index in Elasticsearch (2017-11-20) medium.com
Brewing in Beats: Autodiscovery with Docker (2017-11-21) www.elastic.co
Elastest TestLink Plugin REST API (1) (2017-11-26) medium.com
A Guide to Natural Language Processing (Part 5) (2017-11-27) dzone.com
Google offers real (2017-11-27) www.engadget.com
The Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics (2017-11-28) moz.com
AWS makes it easier and faster to query data stored in its S3 and Glacier storage services (2017-11-29) techcrunch.com
Paylocity: From Eyeballs to Automation with Elasticsearch (2017-11-30) www.elastic.co
Graph (2017-11-30) dzone.com
Compose for ElasticSearch 101 (2017-12-01) medium.com
Developing new Kibana visualizations (2017-12-06) www.elastic.co
Multi (2017-12-08) blog.newrelic.com
Serverless App: AWS CloudTrail Log Analytics using Amazon Elasticsearch Service (2017-12-09) medium.com
Keyword Research Beats Nate Silver's 2016 Presidential Election Prediction (2017-12-12) moz.com
Elastic Stack 6.1.0 Released (2017-12-13) www.elastic.co
This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene (2017-12-18) www.elastic.co
Smarter Machine Learning Job Placement in Elasticsearch (2017-12-19) www.elastic.co
Elasticsearch for Dummies (2017-12-20) dzone.com
3 Creative Ways to Give Your Content Efforts a Boost (2017-12-21) moz.com
December 2017 Crawl Archive Now Available (2017-12-22) commoncrawl.org
Elastic Stack 6: What You Need to Know (2017-12-29) dzone.com
CLI for Indexing Data From Postgres to Elasticsearch (2018-02-05) dzone.com
This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene (2018-02-05) www.elastic.co
Java High (2018-02-07) dzone.com
Serverless App: AWS CloudTrail Log Analytics using Amazon Elasticsearch Service (2018-02-12) medium.com
How to enable SAML authentication in Kibana and Elasticsearch (2018-02-14) www.elastic.co
Introduction to GDPR with Elasticsearch (2018-02-23) www.elastic.co
Data Analytics Made Easier With Elasticsearch (2018-02-26) dzone.com
February 2018 Crawl Archive Now Available (2018-03-02) commoncrawl.org
Bing Entity Search API is now available (2018-03-02) searchengineland.com
Google now previews Stack Overflow answers directly in Search (2018-03-12) thenextweb.com
Plugins Alongside the X (2018-03-13) www.elastic.co
Monitor Kubernetes with Beats Autodiscover Feature and Elasticsearch (2018-03-23) www.elastic.co
SEO with the Google Search Console API and Python (2018-03-25) medium.com
This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene (2018-04-13) www.elastic.co
Dandelion plugin for Elasticsearch (2018-05-04) blog.dandelion.eu
Lunr: A bit like Solr, but much smaller and not as bright (2018-05-08) lunrjs.com
This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene (2018-05-24) www.elastic.co
May 2018 Crawl Archive Now Available (2018-06-01) commoncrawl.org
Automated Survey Processing using Contextual Semantic Search (2018-06-02) medium.com
Google On Expanding The Google Indexing API (2018-06-27) www.seroundtable.com
List of 21 Search APIs You Can Use Right Now (2018-06-28) blog.rapidapi.com
Google Search Indexing API (2018-06-28) www.programmableweb.com
What Do SEOs Do When Google Removes Organic Search Traffic? (2018-06-28) moz.com
Search Console Search Analytics API Increased Max Results / Rows To 25000 (2018-07-13) www.seroundtable.com
Elastic Stack — A Brief Introduction (2018-07-18) medium.com
An Introduction to Elasticsearch SQL with Practical Examples (2018-07-19) www.elastic.co
An Introduction to Elasticsearch SQL with Practical Examples (2018-07-19) www.elastic.co
Stoplight v4.4 Release (2018-08-03) medium.com
Algolia Kindly Provides a Hacker News Search API (2018-08-24) dzone.com
August Crawl Archive Introduces Language Annotations (2018-08-26) commoncrawl.org
A Quarter (2018-08-28) moz.com
Internal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond (2018-09-02) moz.com
Installing Kibana (2018-09-14) dzone.com
Towards Natural Language Semantic Code Search (2018-09-17) githubengineering.com
Developers deserve a better search engine (2018-09-20) blog.jexia.com
A Complete Guide to Google’s New Dataset Search Engine (2018-10-17) www.promptcloud.com
How to Get More Keyword Metrics for Your Target Keywords (2018-10-21) moz.com
Real (2018-10-30) www.adweek.com
This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene (2018-11-02) www.elastic.co

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.